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One of the World’s Largest Economic Sectors

Auto manufacturing is one of the world’s largest economic sectors by revenue. These plants produce upwards of 78 million vehicles per year. Their uptime, safety, and ability to schedule and plan is of utmost importance to their profitability and ability to meet demand. Having a predictive maintenance program in place helps eliminate unwanted and unforeseen equipment failures, while at the same time, can lead to improvements in processes and equipment performance.

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ALL-TEST Pro, Helps Plants Avoid Unplanned Shutdowns

Auto manufacturers rely on uptime of their equipment to maximize results. ALL-TEST Pro helps plants avoid unplanned shutdowns by providing manufacturers with the promise of true motor maintenance and troubleshooting with innovative diagnostic tools, software, and support to keep their business running smoothly.

ALL-TEST Pro’s patented technology ensures simple preventative maintenance and condition monitoring while creating an easier path towards a predictive maintenance program – saving your team from unpredicted downtime and costs.

The case studies below illustrates how ATP helps serve the auto industry by acting as a pillar in their Predictive Maintenance (PdM) reliability testing process. ALL-TEST Pro ensures that over 477,000 engines are produced annually with minimal interruptions and lost production capacity.