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ALL-TEST PRO 31™ is Now Discontinued

The first generation of the venerable ALL-TEST PRO 31™ (AT31™) was released for sale in the early 2000’s .Thousands have been sold worldwide and helped establish ALL-TEST Pro, LLC as the leading provider of light weight, portable, handheld instruments for field testing of electric motors and other coil based equipment.

Given the excellent success of the ALL-TEST PRO 34™ (AT34™) and ALL-TEST PRO 7™ (AT7™), it is time to discontinue the AT31™ this year.

We anticipate supporting the AT31™ instrument hardware for 2 years from May 6, 2020 and existing computer software (Condition Calculator™) is compatible with 64Bit Windows 8.1, & 10 operating systems. We have no plans to provide further updates to AT31 computer software products.

There is no direct upgrade path from the AT31™ to a AT34™ or AT7™.

If you have any questions contact Simon Young at [email protected].