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The 6 Best Motor Testing Instruments

If you’re a technician or electrician operating within automotive, wastewater, power generation or any other industry with electric motors, you need the highest-quality portable diagnostic equipment with you.

Motor testing is critical to avoid failure and costly downtime. You can only rely on a traditional Megohmmeter or one of the top multimeters today to detect faults to ground. For more convenience and sophisticated identification of winding faults, consider making these newest motor testing products of 2021 a part of your maintenance program. These and other instruments marketed as motor testers make measurements of motor variables that need further analysis to generate answers on motor health. This action requires higher skilled technicians to generate answers, whereas a true motor tester gives you clear answers to the true condition and health of your motor.

Surge testing is not portable. Surge testing or HIPOT testing is also not efficient for field testing turn to turn faults while monitoring the condition of an electrical motor. For years people claimed surge testing was the only way to find a turn to turn fault. Surge testing is also very subjective, requires tremendous experience, and may result in differing opinions and results from different analysts. Surge testing also only identifies the first couple of turns in a coil.

Choosing the right tool for the right job is critical. For more convenience and sophisticated identification of winding faults, consider making these newest motor testing products of 2021 a part of your maintenance program.

Benefits of Motor Testers include: 

  • Automatic tests (no more moving around test leads)
  • Clear answers in good, warn, bad, save data easy with one button 
  • Software & APP available
  • Fast and reliable troubleshooting
  • Tests hard to reach motors (submerged, overhead, etc.) with greater safety for technicians


This deenergized motor testing equipment is a top seller among small shops and sprawling organizations alike. The handheld ALL-TEST PRO 7™ collects motor resistance, stator, rotor, contamination and insulation status in minutes. 

Using this equipment’s patented technology, you can test any type and voltage of AC motor and gain deep insights about the electrical health of an entire system. The AT7™ is one of the best motor testing devices because of its accuracy and simplicity at checking countless components for the smallest changes that provide early indication of developing faults.


The ALL-TEST PRO 7™ PROFESSIONAL is a step up preeminent in deenergized Motor Circuit Analysis™ testing from the above device as it’s capable of assessing virtually any motor or electrical equipment. This unit is not limited to motors, in addition to AC motors it can quickly and easily evaluate DC motor field windings and armature, and primary and secondary windings in transformers, alongside AC induction motors. This is a must if you’re a professional technician who faces varying applications.


A must for de-energized motor testing equipment is the MOTOR GENIE®. It outperforms your average volt and ohm meter by offering diagnostics for ground and internal winding faults, including turn-to-turn and coil-to-coil. It’s your best option for diagnosing AC induction motors of less than 1000V. It’s a highly economical, lightweight and compact instrument, which is an added benefit for operators who need to know their motor’s condition instantly.


Testing AC induction, squirrel-cage rotor motors has never been easier with the ALL-TEST PRO 34™ in-hand. Like the MOTOR GENIE® above, this product is suited for applications below 1000V, making it the perfect companion for field or shop assessments of squirrel-cage motors. It can help you troubleshoot every abnormality imaginable with the rotor, windings or connections.


The ALL-TEST Pro 33 EV™ serves a specialized purpose — it simplifies preventative maintenance and troubleshooting for permanent magnet motors and those used within electric and hybrid vehicles. It combines easy operation and full diagnostics without deconstructing the engine or performing a road test. This instrument is the only one in its class for any static or dynamic testing.


The ALL-TEST PRO On-Line II™ is a portable energized tester that answers motor health questions while the motor is under load and operational. The incoming power is analyzed along with the entire motor and driven load. Easily find rotor, stator, air gap, driven load status and health conditions in most cases earlier than other technologies.

Learn How to Purchase the Best Motor Testing Devices Today

To be the fastest and most knowledgeable in your sector, you need the best motor testing tools. ALL-TEST Pro delivers state-of-the-art deenergized and energized testing equipment, plus assemblies and software to suit your quality control demands. From the popular ALL-TEST PRO 7™ to the ever-reliable MOTOR GENIE®, you’ll find easy-to-use equipment that makes the most from your investment again and again.

Request a quote for an ALL-TEST Pro product today. Or, contact our experts for more information about how we provide you with fast, portable, accurate and versatile motor testing results.