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Stop Taking Measurements and Simplify Motor Health Questions With The MOTOR GENIE® Tester.

The MOTOR GENIE is a tool specifically designed for electrical motors or any winding system. The MOTOR GENIE determines state of health for electrical motors insulation. Other generic electrical field instruments are designed and made for multiple electrical measure. The measured results require interpretation for the specific application [...]

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Your Online Guide to Deenergized Testing

Many industries rely on their electrical equipment to maintain their productivity, and malfunctioning equipment is detrimental to success. As a result, preventive measures are crucial. Motor testing instruments, like the selection at ALL-TEST Pro, identify issues early so they can be addressed immediately and prevent unwanted downtime. Some of these instruments use deenergized [...]

ALL-TEST PRO 31 Testing Small Motor
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AC vs. DC Motors

For those who have experience working with motors, you are likely quite familiar with the difference between AC and DC motors. If you are new to electrical motors or would like a refresher, we will explain. AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) motors are fundamentally different. Each is [...]