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Electric Vehicle Testing

The AT33 EV instrument is the ONLY TOOL made for testing the special Permanent Magnet Motors and Motor-Generators used in Electrified Vehicles (Hybrid and Electric).

The video link below shows a vehicle test utilizing the AT33 EV. The electrical health of all motor components is evaluated including stator windings, rotor, contaminations, ground faults, and connections. The static test measures resistance, inductance, impedance, capacitance, and phase angle. The dynamic test analyzes resistance, stator, rotor, and contamination.

The AT33 EV is a non-invasive field tool that can assist the technician in determining the state of health (SOH) or aging of a Hybrid or Electric Vehicle’s transmission/Motor-Generator.  This data also provides a method to eliminate the 3-phase power inverter as the root cause of an electric powertrain drivability complaint or failure. Testing a motor/generator for its SOH & aging is a critical metric to assist the technician in monitoring service life.  It can test a Motor-Generator rotor and stator without the vehicle operating or wheels rotating (static testing).

TVS and DF Screen Shots

The static test will analyze the Motor-Generator’s electrical and magnetic properties of resistance, impedance, inductance, capacitance, phase angle, current to frequency ratio, insulation, and dissipation factor (contamination) within minutes without rotating it. This is analogous to testing compression, cylinder leak-down, cylinder balance, ignition system, and fuel system of an engine. 

Determining whether the root cause of a problem resides in the 3-phase power inverter or electric motor/generator is another key testing metric but, difficult to perform in field.  The AT33 EV will test the electric transaxle or transmission motor/generator SOH or confirm that a catastrophic event has/has not occurred, resulting in a simplified diagnostic task of locating the system failure.  This is becoming a more important aspect of the aftermarket service industry and those that analyze, diagnose, and service electric powertrains need to ensure the SOH/aging or diagnosis is confirmed and repair costs are minimized. As the aftermarket continues to become more of an option to hybrid/electric vehicle owners for service, it also becomes more important than ever to ensure that there is a repeatable electric motor-generator testing process for determining SOH/aging, confirming an proximity to end-of-life (EOL) or, if there is a significant failure.

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