Deenergized Testing

Motors and their inner components are vital for success in a variety of fields. It is common to find crews running machines with electric motors 24/7/365 for maximum production, energy efficiency and workplace safety, so business owners must engage with preventive measures to reduce downtime between projects. ALL-TEST Pro specializes in motor maintenance and troubleshooting, so we bring customers innovative hand-held devices to identify problems directly at the source.

Through easy-to-use controls and connectors, your team can better plan inspections and repair appointments around the equipment you use the most. ALL-TEST Pro wants to see your business succeed, so we enable you to better understand the status of electric motor health and life expectancy with tools for deenergized testing.

Deenergized Testing & Motor Circuit Analysis (MCA)™

What is MCA™? Motor Circuit Analysis (MCA™) is a deenergized test method to assess the health of the motor. This method can be initiated from the Motor Control Center (MCC) or directly at the motor. The advantage to testing from the MCC is that the entire electrical portion of the motor system, including the connections and cables between the test point and the motor, will be evaluated.

MCA how does it work

Electric Motor Circuit Analysis

ALL-TEST Pro gives you an inside look at rotors, coils, phases, grounds and resistances to fix issues before they have a chance to occur. Even brand new machines that have just been installed can fail prior to a first-time startup, so an off-line analysis is effective for systems that have stopped working, have parts coming back from repairs or experience frequent use.

Not all motor circuit errors are simple to spot with the human eye.

ALL-TEST PRO 7™ and ALL-TEST PRO 34™ detect faults as well as the condition of functioning parts for future reference. Gradual wear and tear occurs through factors including heat, vibration and overpowering an electric motor circuit, but our solutions are a leading source for accurate diagnostics and reports.

How Does it Work?

The electrical portion of the three phase motor system is made up of the basic motor circuit, which is nothing more than three simple RCL circuits (resistive, capacitive, inductive). Each basic circuit represents one phase of the three-phase motor system. Since each phase of the motor system is identical, each basic circuit should respond the same way to an applied signal. This is also true for single-phase and DC motors.

ALL-TEST Pro instruments apply a series of low voltage, non-destructive sinusoidal AC signals through the motor windings and measure the response to these signals. Winding faults are indicated by variances in the response to the applied signal through the windings. This deenergized test takes only a few minutes and can even be performed by an entry-level technician.

Why Traditional Megohmmeter Testing Isn’t Enough

Avoid unplanned downtime by proactively and thoroughly testing your motor for faults. This means going beyond the capabilities of a traditional Megohmmeter. Megohmmeter insulation testing will only detect faults to ground. Since only a portion of motor electrical winding failures begin as ground faults, they will go undetected using this method alone. Moreover, surge testing requires the application of high voltages. This can be destructive when testing a motor, making it an unsuitable method for troubleshooting and true predictive maintenance testing.

ALL-TEST Pro offers more complete motor testing than any other options on the market. Our instruments go above and beyond normal testing equipment for accurate, safe, and fast motor testing. Motor testing using an MCA™ tool is very easy to implement, and the test takes less than three minutes. Save money and time by proactively detecting developing faults before they cause irreversible motor failures.

Deenergized Testing Applications

Companies operating in the industries of wastewater, automotive, steel and power generation benefit from MCA™ testing because the professionals responsible for inspecting your machines are not the ones relying on them for success. Too often, equipment operators won’t seek help until a motor starts to make a grinding sound. Now, you can file maintenance requests appropriately using ALL-TEST Pro products.

Test equipment currently on the floor as well as new pieces coming from manufacturers for long-lasting investments. ALL-TEST Pro sets the standard for motor upkeep, and our deenergized testing devices are ideal in the following areas:

  • AC/DC Motors
  • AC/DC Traction Motors
  • Generators/Alternators
  • Machine Tool Motors
  • Servo Motors
  • Control Transformers
  • Transmission & Distribution Transformers (Virtually Any Size)
  • For Commissioning Testing
  • For Troubleshooting
  • For Reliability Testing

The ALL-TEST Pro Promise for Electric Motor Circuit Analysis

ALL-TEST Pro is committed to ensuring the reliability of motors in the field and maximizing the productivity of maintenance teams everywhere, backing every ALL-TEST Pro product with an unmatched motor testing expertise. Our equipment is used in commercial, government and military institutions worldwide. Applications include AC/DC electric motors, transmission, distribution transformers, machine tool motors, servo motors, AC/DC traction motors and more.

We are proud to offer MCA™ testing solutions worldwide to keep your processes right on schedule. If you are unsure which of our hand-held devices is right for your applications, fill out a contact form for quotes and additional product information.
AC/DC traction motors, and more.