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Deenergized Testing Instrument

MOTOR GENIE® Outperforms the Megohmmeter

The MOTOR GENIE® can see more than a megohmmeter, resistance tester, or RCL tester, making it the perfect tool for troubleshooting, startup, and quality control of low voltage AC induction motors.

For information about the MOTOR GENIE® Condition Calculator™ App, please refer to the Software section below.

The MOTOR GENIE® is a handheld motor tester that uses patented technology to troubleshoot low-voltage AC induction motors rated less than 1000V. It is capable of finding winding faults, including coil-to-coil, turn-to-turn and grounded windings.

The MOTOR GENIE® also measures impedance, phase angle, current/frequency response, phase to phase resistance and insulation-to-ground resistance.

With its advanced capabilities, the MOTOR GENIE® outperforms other traditional tools such as the Megohmmeter, RCL meter and other resistance meters, as they only take measurements. The MOTOR GENIE® goes beyond measurement taking abilities and analyzes the condition of the motor. The APP gives you clear answers in GOOD, BAD & WARN for the motor’s measured test data points

Why Use the MOTOR GENIE® Tester?

When it comes to a motor resistance test, the MOTOR GENIE® offers you a multifaceted analysis of the state of your motor. With complete details on your motor’s health, you will be able to determine the condition of the entire motor.

Identify: connection & cabling issues, overheating and motor tripping problems as well as determine the overall health of the motor.

  • Applications of the MOTOR GENIE® include:
  • Incoming & Outgoing motor inspection (tags) for new and used motors
  • Troubleshooting cabling & motor
  • Test hard to reach motors: submerged or overhead
  • Safe low voltage test methods ensure greater safety
  • Fast 3-minute test
  • Portable handheld with long battery life

Motor failure is a common occurrence that can lead to unforeseen downtime. Unplanned downtime will cost you precious time and money, which can set you back significantly on your budget and deadlines. The MOTOR GENIE® offers handheld motor testing that gives you instant motor health answers so you can be proactive and take control of your motor’s health.

How Does the MOTOR GENIE® Work?

The MOTOR GENIE® is easy and intuitive to operate with simple controls. Before you begin, make sure your motor has been de-energized to avoid any harm to yourself or damage to the instrument.

A quick 3-minute test will check:

  • Resistance – Identify winding and cabling issues
  • (Z) Impedance – Identify contamination or overheating issues related to motor winding health
  • (I/F) Current/frequency response – Identify turn to tun or coil to coil faults
  • (φ ) Phase Angle – Identify winding shorts
  • Phase Balance – Identify motor winding issues. Unbalances lead to premature motor failures.
  • Phase Resistance – Identify connection issues
  • Insulation to ground conductor and ground issues

Purchase Your Own Motor Tester

At ALL-TEST Pro, we create instruments to ensure that testing your motor is as safe, easy and reliable as possible. With capabilities for troubleshooting and predictive maintenance, our products help to effectively sustain your critical systems and achieve a substantial return on investment.

In addition to MOTOR GENIE®, we have a diverse array of motor testing products, and our expert representatives can assist you in finding the right match for your operations. We offer motor testers in several different categories:

  • Deenergized: Our deenergized testers are ideal for quality control, troubleshooting and predictive maintenance of generators, electric motors and transformers. Our patented Motor Circuit Analysis™ (MCA™) method is used to assess your complete motor health.
  • Energized: Energized testing provides essential information on AC inductions and DC motors with the Electric Signature Analysis (ESA) test method.
  • Assemblies: Assemblies combine the power of energized ESA and deenergized MCA to evaluate the entire motor system for an all-in-one testing kit.
    All of our products are designed with patented, innovative technology to give you a complete picture of your motor’s health, unlike any other motor testing instruments.

When it comes to handheld motor testers, the MOTOR GENIE® is a speedy and accurate instrument. It is also very light and compact for greater portability compared to other traditional tools. With this instrument, you have a convenient, precise and detailed tool at your fingertips that will help save you time by providing answers rather than just motor measurements.

To learn more, request a free quote or contact us today.

Winding defects can occur due to insulation age, contamination, power surges, thermal overload, damaged wire/materials, vibration and other causes. They begin as energy crossing an insulation fault (such as moisture or contamination), which isolates at least one turn. This generates additional stress and heat across the defect, which progresses until an arc is drawn and the winding fails.

There are four basic types of winding faults.

  • Between turns in a coil
  • Between coils in a phase
  • Between coils in different phases
  • Between a coil or phase and ground

Only about 5% of electrical faults begin as a fault to ground. The other three fault types may or may not propagate into a ground fault as the failure becomes advanced. The short term result of these faults is reduced efficiency and higher operating costs.

Symptoms include:

  • Higher operating temperatures
  • Possible nuisance tripping
  • Reduced motor life

As faults advance, power and torque may decrease. However, the longer-term result is always motor failure.

Megohm insulation testing will only detect faults to ground. The majority of faults will go undetected using this method alone.

Surge testing requires the application of high voltages and currents, which can be destructive and actually generate faults. This aspect combined with the size of surge testing equipment makes it inappropriate for troubleshooting and predictive maintenance testing.

In addition, resistance and inductance-only (RLC) test methods don’t provide enough information for reliable fault detection and troubleshooting.

The MOTOR GENIE® is your best, most economical choice for fault detection and troubleshooting.


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MOTOR GENIE® Condition Calculator™ APP

The MOTOR GENIE® Condition Calculator™ App is a companion to the MOTOR GENIE® motor Tester. The App quickly analyzes the MOTOR GENIE® measurements of resistance, impedance, current frequency response (I/F), phase angle (Ⲫ), phase balance (pb), and insulation resistance to ground testing for low voltage three-phase AC induction motors.
Note: The app is designed as an accessory to the MOTOR GENIE® motor testing instrument. Inputting data from other instruments may provide inconsistent results

The MOTOR GENIE® Condition Calculator™ App takes the guesswork out of evaluating test data manually by using your smartphone or tablet. Know instantly if your motor is GOOD or Bad!
Enter the MOTOR GENIE® test readings into the app’s data fields. Select TEST button. The app will calculate and display the evaluation of the motor’s connections and stator windings.
The History tab allows users to view saved test results and email report data.
The app allows the user to add a new test, sync data and test a previously saved motor.
Displays the user data entered during app setup.

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