Energized Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA) Testing Instrument

The most complete electrical signature and power analysis instrument on the market for AC/DC motors, generators, and transformers. Analyze and report both the electrical and mechanical condition of the entire motor or generator system.

The ALL-TEST PRO On-Line II™ is the most complete energized motor and power diagnostic instrument available today – all in a handheld, lightweight package. It delivers superior AC diagnostics for the evaluation of electrical and mechanical stator health, rotor health, air gap, and the health of the entire driven load (belted, geared, bladed, etc.). This instrument also provides excellent diagnostics for DC motors, generators and transformers.

The ATPOL II™ offers many software and data analysis advantages compared to the competition, including key determinations that are made automatically, including:

  • Line frequency, running speed and pole pass frequency
  • Software automatically looks for patterns related to stator slot and rotor bar fault frequencies
  • Automatic detection of static or dynamic eccentricity faults
  • Evaluation of incoming power, including harmonics
  • Calculates efficiency for AC induction & DC motors
  • Power analysis includes sag/swell and transient detection, plus energy consumption data logging

The ATPOL II™ has passed the highest standards for CAT III 1000V. The CAT IV 600V rating signifies it is suitable for testing at the service entrance (≤ 600V).

The ATPOL II™ connection accessory offers significant advantages over conventional methods for collecting energized testing data while the motor is under load. The quick connection allows for testing without opening electrical panels, eliminating the need to suit up in bulky protection gear. Safety, ease of use, accuracy, and superior diagnostic results make the ATPOL II™ the best accessory for ESA motor testing.
Finding a motor fault before it breaks can save your organization countless hours of downtime and thousands of dollars in savings. The ATPOL II™ is actually two instruments in one – a complete Power Quality Analyzer (PQA) and a complete Electrical Signature Analyzer (ESA).
When in PQA mode, it can be used for:

  • Energy data logging
  • Harmonic analysis
  • Voltage and current charting
  • Viewing waveforms
  • Waveform sags and swells, transient, and event captures

When in ESA mode, it can evaluate the condition of the:

  • Incoming power
  • Control circuit
  • Motor and the driven load

The test results are easily stored and can be trended for condition-based maintenance or predictive maintenance purposes.

Improve the detection phase in your predictive maintenance testing program. Faults related to incoming power, the control circuit, the motor itself, and the driven load are detected, and can then be trended for predictive maintenance purposes and troubleshooting.

Test all types of electrical motors of any voltage, including AC (induction and synchronous) and DC (series, shunt, and compound), as well as transformers, generators, traction motors, and machine tool servo motors.

  • Fast – motor tests take only 60 seconds after connection to load
  • Testing distance – virtually unlimited between motor and load (including submersible equipment)
  • Early alert – detects faults at early stages before motor and motor system failure
  • User safety – Bluetooth® wireless communication enables remote operation including data collection
  • Quick asset management – Test Plan Manager allows for route-based testing and trending


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  • ATPOL Spec Sheet

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Press the Admin key to see if the instrument is holding the date and time. If it is not, contact for further instructions.
Press the “Setup” key and scroll to “Erase Memory” then select “Yes”.
Failure of the battery to hold a charge could indicate needed battery replacement or a problem with the charger power supply. Contact for guidance.


ALL-TEST PRO On-Line II™ Software

Includes Power System Manager (PSM) and Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA)


Included Accessories

ATP On-Line II™ Deluxe Voltage Test Leads w/Clips. CAT III 1000V
ATPOL™ Deluxe Voltage Test Leads w/Clips. CAT III 1000V
ATP On-Line II™ Hard Case
ATPOL II™ Hard Case
ATP On-Line II™ Portable AC Flex Probe 1-6000 Amp
Portable AC Flex Probe 1-6000 Amp (rated to CAT III 1000V, Requires ATPOL II™ FW 5.3 or Higher)
ATP On-Line II™ USB-Cable
USB Cable
ATP On-Line II™ Portable AC Clamp 0.1-100A. CAT III, 600V
Portable AC Clamp 0.1-100A. CAT III, 600V
ATP On-Line II™ micro usb adapter
Micro USB Adapter
ATP On-Line II™ SD Card
SD Card

Optional Accessories

ATP On-Line II™ Portable AC Clamp 1-1000A. CAT III, 600V
Portable AC Clamp 1-1000A. CAT III, 600V
ATP On-Line II™ Portable AC Clamp 0.02 - 5.0A. CAT III, 600V
Portable AC Clamp 0.02 – 5.0A. CAT III, 600V
ATP On-Line II™ Portable DC/AC Current Clamp 10-2000A DC, 10-1500A AC
Portable DC/AC Current Clamp 10-2000A DC, 10-1500A AC