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AT34™ & AT7™ Button Pushing Orientations

AT34™ and AT7™ Button Pushing Orientations

In the Button Pushing Orientation you will learn about the different tests the instruments can perform.  You will learn how to take these tests, understand why these tests are important and how they relate to motor health & reliability.  Then learn how to set up reference tests and how to use these values for comparison utilizing ATP’s patented TVS values for quick and efficient motor health changes.

AT34™ and AT7™ Button Pushing Orientations

Part # 11001

  • Cost is $300.00 USD per hour
  • Orientation can be performed on your platform of choice (TEAMS, GoToMeeting, etc.)
  • Simultaneously orientate up to 10 members of your maintenance team at a time
  • Review MCA Software, how to communicate between instrument & computer, how to create users, companies, locations, and equipment
  • Learn how to analyze data and trend multiple reports
  • Review of the advanced features of the AT7P™ if applicable to customer (DC motors, transformers)
  • Answer any questions and concerns

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