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Stop Taking Measurements and Simplify Motor Health Questions With The MOTOR GENIE® Tester.

The MOTOR GENIE is a tool specifically designed for electrical motors or any winding system. The MOTOR GENIE determines state of health for electrical motors insulation. Other generic electrical field instruments are designed and made for multiple electrical measure. The measured results require interpretation for the specific application and reading. These tools and instruments are not designed to function the same way as ATP instruments. ALL-TEST Pro designs test instruments designed and made exclusively for electrical motors (AC, DC, EV, servo, transformers & generators) to give you instant answers on the motor state of health.  

Stop taking measurement and simplify motor health questions with the MOTOR GENIE® – MSRP USD $ 995.00

  • Ohmmeter – measures electrical resistance
  • Volt Meter – measures voltage
  • Multimeter comparison – measure voltage, continuity test, measuring resistance (volts, amps, ohms) volts, current, & resistance
  • Insulation resistance tester – measures dielectric absorption ratio, dielectric discharge & step voltage
  • Insulation & Continuity Tester – insulation resistance to ground and may provide additional tests.  Dielectric absorption ratio, dielectric discharge, leakage current, step voltage and perhaps other tests for the ground wall insulation “only”.

MOTOR GENIE provides the health of the electrical motor. Ground faults, internal winding faults, (coil to coil, turn to turn, phase to phase & grounded windings), as well as loose and open connections. MOTOR GENIE measures resistance, impedance, current/frequency response, phase angle, and insulation to ground resistance.

Download the FREE MOTOR GENIE® App

App provides results as GOOD, BAD, WARN
for the motor’s test data points.

Every Day Uses:

  • Incoming & Outgoing motor inspection (tags) for new and used motors
  • Troubleshooting cabling & motor
  • Test hard to reach motors: submerged or overhead

REAL WORLD MOTOR ANSWERS without the hassle of multiple instruments and interpretation :

  • Safe low voltage test methods ensure greater safety
  • Fast 3-minute test
  • Portable handheld with long battery life
  • Motor health condition GOOD, BAD, WARN

Only about < 20% of electrical faults begin as a fault to ground. The other faults types may or may not propagate into a ground fault as the failure becomes advanced. The short-term result of these faults is reduced efficiency and higher operating costs.

Symptoms Include:

  • Higher operating temperatures
  • Possible nuisance tripping
  • Reduced motor life

As faults advance, power and torque may decrease. However, the longer-term result is always motor failure.

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