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What Is A Motor Testing Instrument Or Tool?

There appears to be some confusion as to what the industry identifies as a motor tester. Many motor testing tools on the market are combinations of existing older technology instruments (Megohmmeter, voltmeter, LCR Meter) bundled together into one that makes the tool more convenient to purchase and consolidate in the equipment shed.

Unfortunately, many of these motor testing instruments are unable to assess the true condition or health of an electrical motor. Many instruments create a set of measurements that need to be evaluated by higher-skilled technicians and do not provide clear answers to the health of your motor. Many tools measure motor parameters rather than test and troubleshoot the motor and or analyze the actual condition of the motor.

Comparing ALL-TEST PRO Instruments vs. Other Tools

ALL-TEST PRO 34™, ALL-TEST PRO 7™ & ALL-TEST PRO 7™ PROFESSIONAL vs. other tools & instruments marketed as motor testers; there are clear distinctions between motor testing & motor parameter measuring tools.

AT7P, AT&, AT34
  • FASTER: ATP instruments are much faster. ATP has automated tests. ATP test leads include 4wire Kelvin test leads used for all measurements related to Stator and Rotor testing. This allows a one-time connection to a three-phase motor and then it runs the whole test sequence without reconnection of test leads, switching instrument modes, etc.
  • AUTOMATIC TESTS: ATP instrument tests are performed automatically and require minimal operator interference to perform an automated test. No switching modes, leads, or entering nameplate information to conduct a test.
  • RESULTS: ATP tests and methods immediately create simple easy to read “OK, WARN, BAD” results in instrument display.
  • DATA: ATP motor test data is saved and easy to save. All parameters measured are saved with one “save” operation. Stores over 500 motors.
  • SOFTWARE: ATP’s MCA™ Software enables you to manage your plant’s motors efficiently and easily. Track, trend and report on the condition of your plant’s motor assets in one software program. Share data to schedule maintenance and avoid downtime, unforeseen repair costs and improve worker safety. Trend assets and productivity and schedule maintenance based on facts and production schedules.
  • Designed to perform automatic motor health evaluation using collected Phase to Phase resistance measurements:
      *  Current frequency test    *  Phase Angle Measurement Test 
      *  Dissipation factor measurement     *  Dynamic stator evaluation 
      *  Dynamic rotor signature evaluation  
      *  Impedance and inductance balance evaluation
      *  Insulation resistance to ground evaluation
      *  Overall motor health evaluation using patented Test Value Static™  
         (TVS™) method

Additional Features of ALL-TEST PRO Instruments

  • Troubleshooting from the Motor Control Center or directly at the motor.
  • Route based testing for preventative maintenance or
    routine condition monitoring
  • Data analysis: Answers are presented to you based on the health of your motor.
  • Portability: ATP instruments are lightweight and handheld. Instruments have been successfully used in wind turbines (carried up long ladders), ships (tight spaces), oil rigs (safety), space, aviation, food processing, logistics, water and waste (submerged motors) and numerous other applications where there are electrical motors.
  • Incoming motors, start-up and commissioning of new and used motors.
  • Remote and hard to reach motors such as submerged motors, overhead motors, etc.
  • Safety: low voltage test method ensuring greater safety for staff utilizing instruments.

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