Motor Diagnostic Seminar at the University of Tennessee Reliability Center – Level 1 & Level 2 – July 22

The University of Tennessee Reliability Center and ALL-TEST Pro have teamed up to publicly present Motor Diagnostic Seminar Level I and Level II training courses this summer!

This is a great opportunity for supervisors and technicians to learn and develop new skills to improve your maintenance and reliability skills!

MCA™ (De-Energized) training prepares you to troubleshoot all types or electric motors, coils, and windings.

ESA (Energized) training prepares you to evaluate many types of electric motor systems to improve the reliability and uptime of your plant.


Seminars include:

  • Hands-on Training with Test Fault Motors and ALL-TEST Pro instruments
  • Review of Core Motor Theory Fundamentals
  • MCA/ESA Software Operation Basics
  • Specific Application Case Use Examples
  • Reliability Best Practices
  • Workbooks/Written Materials
  • Personalized Instruction and Q&A
  • Lovely Tennessee atmosphere!


Seminar Details:

Motor Diagnostic Workshop
Level I

Course Options:

  • July 22-26 Comprehensive MCA + ESA – $3,399 USD per person
  • July 22-24 Motor Circuit Analysis (MCA/Deenergized/Offline) – $2,493 USD per person
  • July 24-26 Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA/Energized/Online) – $2,493 USD per person


Motor Diagnostic Workshop
Level II

Course Options:

  • July 29-Aug 2 Comprehensive MCA + ESA – $3,399 USD per person
  • July 29-31 Motor Circuit Analysis (MCA/Deenergized/Offline) – $2,493 USD per person
  • July 31-Aug 2 Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA/Energized/Online) – $2,493 USD per person


About Motor Circuit Analysis (MCA):

Motor Circuit Analysis (MCA™) is a deenergized test method (performed while the motor is off) to assess the integrity of the inner components within a motor. Initiated from the Motor Control Center (MCC) or directly at the motor itself, this process evaluates the entire electrical portion of the motor system, including the connections and cables between the test point and motor.


About Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA):

Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA) is an energized test method that assesses the health of the motor system while in operation. ESA identifies mechanical faults by periodically applying loads to the motor driven system to captures voltage and current waveforms. Analysis of these waveforms reveals issues such as unbalance, misalignment, looseness, bearing defects, gear faults, process faults and vane or blade forces. In addition, ESA also finds faults from static and dynamic eccentricity, monitors vibration caused by misalignment, run speeds and process loads, and is capable of finding all faults within a squirrel cage rotor.



University of Tennessee alumni and member companies receive a $300 USD discount on all prices shown. Please call for information.

Register and prepay for the seminar below or by contacting us at [email protected] or 860 399-4222.