One-on-One Onsite Training

Learn to collect data, analyze and diagnose YOUR equipment

One-on-One Onsite Training appointments, conducted by an experienced ATP reliability engineer, are highly focused and deliver the right training to the right people, so your team remains efficient.

Onsite Guidance When You Need It

Eliminate training travel costs and reduce employee downtime for training by scheduling a One-on-One Onsite Training consultation. Within one day, your team will use hands-on experience in your facility to learn motor reliability best practices.


What It Is

  • 8 hours
  • 1 ATP Professional
  • YOUR instruments
  • YOUR team
  • YOUR facility

Train in your facility on your equipment

At your location, an ATP professional will spend approximately half of the time in a classroom setting to discuss basic instrument operation and software use, while the other half of the time is spent using your ATP equipment on motors and machines in your facility.

The ATP professional will coach your staff in proper data collection and best practices within your facility.

Contact us today to quickly get your team up to speed on how to use ATP products efficiently for your application.

What It Includes

  • Basic Device Operation
  • Review of Test Functions
  • Best Practices for YOUR team
  • Proper Data Collection in the Field
  • Data Interpretation Tips
  • Hands-On Analysis Assistance in YOUR facility
  • Personalized Q&A Session
Motor testing technology and software by ALL-TEST Pro.

Software Review Includes

  • Installation & Database Setup
  • User Permissions
  • Importing/Exporting Data
  • Analysis
  • Trending
  • Reporting
  • Moving Locations and Equipment
  • Removing Erroneous Data
  • Backing Up Database
  • Route Based Testing (MCA PRO/Enterprise users)
  • Building Test Plans (ESA)
  • Utilizing MCA PRO – Enterprise Software
    Asset Creation
    Importing/Exporting Data
    Basic Data Interpretation
  • Utilizing Power System Manager Software
    Data Setups
    Building a Test Plan
    Importing/Exporting Data
  • Utilizing Electrical Signature Analysis Software
    Create Header Files
    How to Utilize Cursors
    Basic Auto Analysis Interpretation

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    About ALL-TEST Pro

    ALL-TEST Pro is a leading manufacturer of electric motor predictive maintenance (PdM) equipment and condition monitoring tools. ALL-TEST Pro electric motor testing devices surpass other instruments by accurately and quickly diagnosing motor health issues to ensure electric motor reliability and reduce unnecessary facility operational and repair costs. All diagnostic instruments are handheld and lightweight making them exceptionally suitable for field testing applications. The current line of motor testing devices use Motor Circuit Analysis (MCA), a proprietary technology developed by ALL-TEST Pro, and electrical signature analysis, to evaluate electrical issues of components within motors. ALL-TEST Pro products are widely used in nearly every industry that uses electric motors, generators or transformers, and are available worldwide.

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