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Watch informational and demo videos for more detailed information about our products and capabilities as well as educational videos about motor testing methods.

MCA™ Outperforming the Competition

Why Test Motors? Because Motors Fail.

¿Por qué probar los motores?


AT33 IND™ Sales Video

AT33 IND™ Video de Ventas

MCA™ Superando al Megohmmetro

Electrical Signature Analysis Demonstration Featuring the ALL-TEST PRO On-Line II™

Mechanical Analysis using Electrical Signature Analysis

ESA & MVA Comparison

What is Deenergized Motor Circuit Analysis™ (MCA™)? (registration required)

ESA & MVA Comparison

¿Por qué implementar un programa para pruebas a motores eléctricos? (Se requiere registro)

Testing, Troubleshooting & Conducting Maintenance for Motors with the AT7™.

ALL-TEST PRO 7 Quick Start Guide

MOTOR GENIE Video by 3Phi Reliability - ATP Distributor

ESA & MVA Comparison

Complete Motor Diagnostics Using Motor Circuit Analysis™ (registration required)

ESA & MVA Comparison

Using ESA to Locate Loose Bearing, That was Undetectable Using Vibration (registration required)

ESA & MVA Comparison

La condición de tus motores en la palma de tu mano (Se requiere registro)

Pruebas, resolución de problemas y mantenimiento de motores con el AT7™ - Spanish