Deenergized Motor Circuit Analysis™ (MCA) Testing Instrument

Starting at $16,610.00 USD

The ALL-TEST PRO 7™ uses our proven, patented technology to look beyond vibration, temperature, and ultrasound test methods giving you instant answers on your motor’s health.

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    • Hand-held & Lightweight (under 1lb)
    • On-screen, step-by-step testing instructions
    • Tests take less than 3 minutes
    • Tests can be performed from over 1000′ away
    • Detects faults at the earliest stages before motor failure
    • A timing tone that supports proper rotation speed during deenergized dynamic test
    • Remote firmware updates



    MCA Software

    Electric Motor Troubleshooting

    Done Right

    Troubleshoot any motor’s resistance, stator, rotor, contamination and insulation stats all on one device and receive accurate diagnostics within as little as a few minutes.

    The ALL-TEST PRO 7™ electric motor testing device is used detect motor abnormalities in electric motors across every industry.

    Our handheld motor testing devices outperform our competitors’ products in both quality and usability.

    While similar condition monitoring and motor troubleshooting tools are only able to detect ground faults, the ALL-TEST PRO 7™ has the ability to detect motor failures before they occur and is a critical component of maintaining a facility’s productivity and overall ROI.

    Use the ALL-TEST Pro 7 for:

    • Single Phase AC Induction (<1kV) manual test
    • Single Phase AC Induction (<1kV) auto-test
    • 3 Phase AC Induction-Squirrel cage rotor (<1kV) manual test
    • 3 Phase AC Induction-Squirrel cage rotor (<1kV) auto-test
    • AC Induction-Squirrel cage rotor (>1kV)
    • AC Induction wound rotor (<1kV) manual test **
    • AC Induction wound rotor (<1kV) auto-test
    • AC Induction wound rotor (>1kV)
    • AC Synchronous (<1kV) manual test **
    • AC Synchronous (<1kV) auto-test
    • AC Synchronous (>1kV)
    • Generators


    (**Please contact us for a consultation regarding your application)

    Electric Motor Predictive Maintenance testing device by ALL-TEST Pro.
    Induction winding tester by ALL-TEST Pro.

    Complete Motor Health Assessment

    The electrical health of all motor components is evaluated, including, but not limited to induction windings, rotors, field and rotor coils in synchronous motors, and all associated connections and cables.

    Patented Test Value Static™ (TVS™)

    Test Value Static (TVS) is a sum calculated from the 3-phase MCA static test and is used as a reference value for the motor. Common types of faults in the rotor and stator windings will change TVS.

    Patented Dynamic Stator and Rotor Signatures™

    Used to evaluate the condition of the stator and squirrel-cage rotor in a single test. Perfect for testing new and repaired motors prior to acceptance.


    Meg-ohm Meter


    ALL-TEST Pro 7

    Ground Faults




    Internal Winding Faults




    Open Connection




    Rotor Faults









    Troubleshooting electric motors has never been easier. Test every AC motor type and evaluate the electrical health of motors by assessing their stator wings, rotors, cables and other components.

    The ALL-TEST PRO 7™ uses our patented Stator and Rotor Signatures™ to test squirrel-cage rotors and stators with a single assessment. Diagnose common fault type with Test Value Static™ (TVS™), which provides a sum calculated from a 3-phase MCA static assessment.

    Easily detect even the most subtle imbalances in any motor — long before your motors fail as a result of preventable issues.


    “We use a lot of sophisticated diagnostic tools like vibration, current signature, and other FFT-based analysis systems. When quality test or troubleshooting a motor, ATP is an important part of our ‘final say’. It enables us to pinpoint the problem, and it has always been right.”

    – Peter, Reliability Engineering Manager, Entergy

    Motor testing training seminar conducted by ALL-TEST Pro.


    ALL-TEST Pro provides on-site and virtual comprehensive learning experiences that incorporate theory, new technologies, and practical field applications to educate attendees in the scope of motor diagnostics and comprehensive testing, including Motor Circuit Analysis™ (MCA™) and Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA).