Energized (ESA) + Deenergized (MCA™) Testing Instrument Package

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Combine the power of Motor Circuit Analysis™ (MCA™) and Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA) to evaluate and trend your entire motor system.

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    Preventive Maintenance Tools


    The ALL-TEST PRO MD III™ motor testing assembly provides an array of benefits you won’t find with any other motor testing assembly manufacturer.

    The predictive maintenance tools included feature two cutting-edge motor testing instruments, a sturdy carrying case, AC chargers and step-by-step instructions for optimal functionality. With the ALL-TEST PRO MD III™ motor testing assembly, you can eliminate problems with your machinery before they cost you thousands in lost work time and repairs.

    The ALL-TEST PRO MD III™ motor testing assembly is used to monitor the health of virtually any motor type, testing power quality, connections, harmonic distortion, alignment, insulation, rotors, bearings, air gaps, stators and more. The ALL-TEST PRO MD III™ motor testing assembly provides automatic diagnostic reports that measure all aspects of a motor’s performance, and it’s backed by an extendable one-year warranty.

    The ALL-TEST PRO MD III™ has auto-diagnosis to provide an immediate motor health status report.

    Route-based testing and trending features make this an ideal instrument for predictive maintenance.

    The ALL-TEST PRO MD III™ reports provide an indication of:

    • Early winding faults
    • Rotor problems
    • Incoming power issues
    • Electrical and mechanical motor condition
    • Driven load mechanical condition


    The assembly includes:

    Complete Motor Health Assessment

    The electrical health of all motor components is evaluated, including, but not limited to induction windings, rotors, DC field windings and armature, field and rotor coils in synchronous motors, primary and secondary windings in transformers, and all associated connections and cables.

    Complete Versatility

    With this versatile assembly, you can perform Motor Circuit Analysis, Electrical Signature Analysis and immediate health status reporting functions for any type of motor. Our products have proven compatible with motors, generators and transformers across all industries.

    Surpassing The Highest Standards

    The included ATPOL III™ has passed the highest standards for CAT III 1000V. The CAT IV 600V rating signifies it is suitable for testing at the service entrance (≤ 600V).


    • Fast – motor tests take only 60 seconds after connection to load
    • Testing distance – virtually unlimited between motor and load (including submersible equipment)
    • Early alert – detects faults at early stages before motor and motor system failure
    • Fully Comprehensive – includes both MCA™ and ESA equipment for all types of motors


    Calculations displayed on preventive maintenance tools.

    Obtain Optimal ROI

    Finding a motor fault before it breaks can save your organization countless hours of downtime and thousands of dollars in savings. The ATPOL III™ is actually two instruments in one – a complete Power Quality Analyzer (PQA) and a complete Electrical Signature Analyzer (ESA). When in PQA mode, it can be used for:

    • Energy data logging
    • Harmonic analysis
    • Voltage and current charting
    • Viewing waveforms
    • Waveform sags and swells, transient, and event captures

    When in ESA mode, it can evaluate the condition of the:

    • Incoming power
    • Control circuit
    • Motor and the driven load

    The test results are easily stored and can be trended for condition-based maintenance or predictive maintenance purposes.

    Improve the DETECTION PHASE in your predictive maintenance testing program. Faults related to incoming power, the control circuit, the motor itself, and the driven load are detected, and can then be trended for predictive maintenance purposes and troubleshooting.


    The ALL-TEST PRO MD III™ assembly includes all you need for complete energized and deenergized testing of motors, generators & transformers. Combine the power of Motor Circuit Analysis™ (MCA™) and Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA) to evaluate and trend your entire motor system. Our patented, portable motor testing equipment is packaged in a convenient hard case for ease of portability. The MD III™ carries with it our promise of true predictive maintenance capabilities so that you can detect motor problems before they cost you time and money.

    Our complete motor testing assembly features two highly advanced motor health testing instruments that will give you immediate health status reports, along with various motor testing accessories and instructions.


    Meg-ohm Meter



    Ground Faults




    Internal Winding Faults




    Open Connection




    Rotor Faults









    ALL-TEST Pro provides on-site and virtual comprehensive learning experiences that incorporate theory, new technologies, and practical field applications to educate attendees in the scope of motor diagnostics and comprehensive testing, including Motor Circuit Analysis™ (MCA™) and Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA).