ALL-TEST PRO 7™ Professional

Deenergized Motor Circuit Analysis™ (MCA) Testing Instrument

Starting at $21,194.00 USD

The ALL-TEST PRO 7™ Professional (AT7 Pro) empowers technicians to efficiently and accurately evaluate motors in the field or on the shop floor.

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    Test any motor’s resistance, stator, rotor, contamination and insulation stats all on one device and receive accurate diagnostics within as little as a few minutes.

    When you need a reliable solution for diagnosing motor problems before they turn into full motor failure, our ALL-TEST PRO 7™ PROFESSIONAL motor testing instrument has the capabilities you need to ensure that you can save your company valuable production time through preventative assessments. At ALL-TEST Pro, our mission is to help our customers catch potential machine issues before they turn into major, costly problems.

    Our ALL-TEST PRO 7™ PROFESSIONAL comes with a wide range of features that help technicians evaluate the condition of their in-shop and offsite motors. This device can be used to test AC induction and synchronous motors along with DC motor types, traction motors, transformers and so much more. Getting quick, accurate results on your motors’ performance has never been easier!

    This top-selling product provides an array of advantages you won’t be able to find anywhere else. The ALL-TEST PRO 7™ PROFESSIONAL motor testing equipment features our patented Dynamic Stator and Rotor Signatures™ for AC induction squirrel-cage rotor motors rated less than 1000V, which enable technicians to instantly assess a motor’s squirrel-cage rotor and stator. It also features our patented Test Value Static™ (TVS™), which is employed as a reference value to test for faults in a motor or incoming power leads.


    Meg-ohm Meter


    AT7 Professional

    Ground Faults




    Internal Winding Faults




    Open Connection




    Rotor Faults








    Complete Motor Health Assessment

    The electrical health of all motor components is evaluated, including, but not limited to induction windings, rotors, DC field windings and armature, field and rotor coils in synchronous motors, primary and secondary windings in transformers, and all associated connections and cables.

    Patented Test Value Static™ (TVS™)

    Test Value Static (TVS) is a sum calculated from the 3-phase MCA static test and is used as a reference value for the motor. Common types of faults in the rotor and stator windings will change TVS.

    Patented Dynamic Stator and Rotor Signatures™

    Used to evaluate the condition of the stator and squirrel-cage rotor in a single test. Perfect for testing new and repaired motors prior to acceptance.

    Beyond Traditional Induction Motor Testing

    With our ALL-TEST PRO 7™ Professional, you can use our patented Stator and Rotor Signatures™ to test the squirrel-cage rotor and stator with a single assessment. You can also diagnose common fault types using this product’s patented Test Value Static™ (TVS™), which provides a sum calculated from a 3-phase MCA static assessment.

    This product tests every AC motor type. It evaluates the electrical health of synchronous, single-phase motors by assessing their stator wings, rotors, cables and other components.

    With the high-tech capabilities of the ALL-TEST PRO 7™, you and your technicians can easily detect even the most subtle imbalances in any motor. Maximize your investment by:

    • Testing installation and startup of new motors
    • Testing motor spares, transformers & generators
    • Troubleshooting problematic motors
    • Ideal tool for PdM testing program


    • On-screen step-by-step testing instructions
    • Tests take less than 3 minutes
    • Tests can be performed from over 1000′ away
    • Detects faults at the earliest stages before motor failure
    • A timing tone that supports proper rotation speed during deenergized dynamic test
    • Boot loader function facilitates firmware updates at the customer’s site
    • Route based testing and trending


    Testing Capabilities

    Tests all types of AC motors (any voltage) including induction, synchronous, and single-phase motors.

    The electrical health of all motor components is evaluated, including stator windings and rotor, associated connections and cables.