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Complete Motor Testing Assembly

Your key to successful predictive maintenance!

The ALL-TEST PRO MD III™ assembly includes all you need for complete energized and deenergized testing of motors, generators & transformers. Combine the power of Motor Circuit Analysis™ (MCA™) and Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA) to evaluate and trend your entire motor system. Our patented, portable motor testing equipment is packaged in a convenient hard case for ease of portability. The MD III™ carries with it our promise of true predictive maintenance capabilities so that you can detect motor problems before they cost you time and money.

Our complete motor testing assembly features two highly advanced motor health testing instruments that will give you immediate health status reports, along with various motor testing accessories and instructions. Take advantage of the ultimate solution in predictive maintenance — learn more about this popular ALL-TEST Pro product below!

Advantages of the ALL-TEST PRO MD III™ Motor Testing Assembly

When you purchase the ALL-TEST PRO MD III™ motor testing assembly from ALL-TEST Pro, you’ll get state-of-the-art motor testing capabilities along with an entire kit of accessories to optimize your preventative motor health maintenance processes. Why wait for motor failure to happen before you fix your facility’s mechanical issues? With our ALL-TEST PRO MD III™ assembly, you can detect virtually any motor abnormality in a quick, simple assessment.

Our ALL-TEST PRO MD III™ motor testing assembly provides users with a wide array of benefits. With this versatile assembly, you can perform Motor Circuit Analysis, Electrical Signature Analysis and immediate health status reporting functions for any type of motor. Our products have proven compatible with motors, generators and transformers across all industries, and we also provide our customers with the tools they need to make the most out of our products.

The ALL-TEST PRO MD III™ assembly will let you perform full motor health assessments that other motor testing products don’t. Our portable testing instruments look beyond simple vibration test methods and quickly measure all aspects of a machine’s health. Learn more about how the ALL-TEST PRO MD III™ assembly can take your preventative machine maintenance to the next level.

Uses of the ALL-TEST PRO MD III™ Motor Testing Assembly

The ALL-TEST PRO MD III™ motor testing assembly provides an array of benefits you won’t find with any other motor testing assembly manufacturer. This predictive maintenance kit features two cutting-edge motor testing instruments, a sturdy carrying case, AC chargers and step-by-step instructions for optimal functionality. With the ALL-TEST PRO MD III™ motor testing assembly, you can eliminate problems with your machinery before they cost you thousands in lost work time.

You can use the ALL-TEST PRO MD III™ motor testing assembly to monitor the health of virtually any motor type. This assembly can test power quality, connections, harmonic distortion, alignment, insulation, rotors, bearings, air gaps, stators and more. The ALL-TEST PRO MD III™ motor testing assembly provides automatic diagnostic reports that measure all aspects of a motor’s performance, and it’s backed by an extendable one-year warranty.

Multiple Buying Channels

We offer multiple buying channels for customers in any industry who want to purchase our ALL-TEST PRO MD III™ motor testing assembly. If you want to learn more about how you can purchase this portable product for your facility, simply visit our Buy it Now page and fill out our brief form to receive a free quote.

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The ALL-TEST PRO MD III™ has auto-diagnosis to provide an immediate health status report. Route-based testing and trending features make this an ideal instrument for predictive maintenance. The ALL-TEST PRO MD III™ reports provide an indication of early winding faults, rotor problems, incoming power issues, electrical and mechanical motor condition, and driven load mechanical condition.

The assembly includes:


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This assembly comes with the following software: MCA PRO™, Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA), and Power System Manager (PSM).

Each software is:

  • Single user license
  • Compatible with optional MCA PRO™ Enterprise Software.


Included Accessories

ALL-TEST PRO MD III™ Deluxe Voltage Test Leads w/Clips. CAT III 1000V
Deluxe Test Leads
ALL-TEST PRO MD III™ Portable AC Flex Probe 1-6000 Amp
Flex Probe
ALL-TEST PRO MD III™ Portable AC Clamp 0.1-100A. CAT III, 600V
0.1-100Amp Clamps

Optional Accessories

ALL-TEST PRO MD III™ Battery Charger
Battery Charger
ALL-TEST PRO MD III™ Optional Kelvin Test Lead Set (including yellow ground lead)
Test Leads
USB Cable
Hard Case