Energized Testing Accessory

The ALL-SAFE PRO® is a permanently installed connection that enables the ATPOL II™ energized testing instrument to perform tests easily with a quick disconnect without opening the electrical panel. This allows maintenance staff the ability to safely and easily collect motor test data while the asset is energized and under load. No need for special PPE (Personal Protective Equipment- Arc flash).

The ALL-SAFE PRO® connection accessory offers significant advantages over conventional methods for collecting energized testing data while the motor is under load. Safety, ease of use,accuracy and superior diagnostic results are what makes the ALL-SAFE PRO® the best accessory for ESA testing.

Another ATP advantage is the split-core current transformers (CT) for the 100A and 1000A versions of the ALL-SAFE PRO®. No need to disconnect motor phase leads when installing the current transformers. This saves not only installation time, but also the cost of having to cut, remove, and then replace associated materials (boots, electrical tape, etc.) that are used to insulate the connectors at the motor drive or starter. In some installations this can represent a substantial savings in time and money.

Connection cable from the ATPOL II™ to the ALL-SAFE PRO® connection point is required, and the test only takes 60 seconds after the connection is made.

ALL-SAFE PRO® eliminates connection errors, protects staff from hazardous voltages, and gives you the results you need to make an informed decision every time.


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Included Accessories

ALL-SAFE PRO™ Connection Box Connection cable (6') from ATPOL II™ to ALL-SAFE PRO®
Connection cable (6′) from ATPOL II™ to ALL-SAFE PRO®
ALL-SAFE PRO™ Connection Box ALL-SAFE PRO® Cap (metal)
ALL-SAFE PRO® Cap (metal)