Deenergized Motor Circuit Analysis™ (MCA) Testing Instrument


The ALL-TEST PRO 31™ uses our proven, patented technology to look beyond vibration, temperature, and ultrasound test methods giving you instant answers on your motor’s health.

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    ALL-TEST PRO 31™

    The ALL-TEST PRO 31™ (AT31™) goes far beyond the capabilities of traditional Meg-Ohm-Meter testing. It detects faults that the Meg-Ohm-Meter and Digital Multimeter are not able to, ensuring that you have a more complete view into the condition of your motor’s health. A rotor test helps you detect rotor issues such as broken rotor bars and eccentricity.

    Testing your rotors is a critical mart of machine maintenance and can save you thousands of dollars in lost production time and repair expenses. Our handheld motor tester ALL-TEST PRO 31™ will let you conduct a full evaluation of your rotor health by detecting stator and rotor faults in AC motors less than 1,000V.

    Complete Motor Health Assessment

    The electrical health of all motor components is evaluated, including, but not limited to induction windings, rotors, field and rotor coils in synchronous motors, and all associated connections and cables.

    Patented Test Value Static™ (TVS™)

    Test Value Static (TVS) is a sum calculated from the 3-phase MCA static test and is used as a reference value for the motor. Common types of faults in the rotor and stator windings will change TVS.

    Patented Dynamic Stator and Rotor Signatures™

    Used to evaluate the condition of the stator and squirrel-cage rotor in a single test. Perfect for testing new and repaired motors prior to acceptance.



    The handheld motor tester ALL-TEST PRO 31™ can be used to detect many rotor issues. This cutting-edge device can detect the health of induction windings, cables and connections and display a complete diagnostic analysis in as little as a few minutes. With the ALL-TEST PRO 31™ handheld motor tester, you can catch motor problems long before they turn into a need for expensive repairs.

    While the handheld motor tester ALL-TEST PRO 31™’s exact testing range depends on individual motor design, this device typically works well on most AC motors. This product measures current/frequency response, insulation to ground resistance, impedance, phase angle, current frequency response and more.

    Using the handheld motor tester ALL-TEST PRO 31™ is simple. Easily perform complete motor health tests with precision from the convenience of a single handheld device, and get a nearly instantaneous diagnosis of your motors’ current condition. Motor quality control has never been more seamless.


    • Tests take less than 3 minutes
    • Tests can be performed from over 1000′ away
    • Detects faults at the earliest stages before motor failure

    Testing Capabilities

    Tests AC motors <1000V. The electrical health of motor components is evaluated, including induction windings, associated connections 1, and cables. Rotor faults: broken bars, air-gaps, casting voids, etc.2

    1 Detects open connections.
    2 A fast, easy and effective way to find broken rotor bars, eccentric rotors and casting voids. AT31™ testing range is dependent upon the motor, transformer, or generator design, but the AT31™ has successfully tested AC motors of hundreds of horsepower in size.