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Deenergized Motor Circuit Analysis™(MCA) Testing Instrument

The ALL-TEST PRO 34™ uses our proven, patented technology to look beyond vibration, temperature, and ultrasound test methods- giving you instant answers on your motor’s health. It represents the 7th generation in product innovation that ensures the reliability of motors in the field and helps to maximize the productivity of maintenance teams everywhere.

Initiated from the motor drive or motor starter, Motor Circuit Analysis™ can evaluate the health of a motor in a non-destructed manner. In fact, it can work from up to 1,000 feet away from the motor it’s testing. This device helps companies avoid the hassle of fixing motor failure issues that could have been prevented, and it saves them countless dollars in lost work time due to these problems.

If you’re looking for a way you can prevent motor issues with one simple testing method, check out the product details for the ALL-TEST PRO 34™ below.

Managers and engineers who are responsible for the reliability of motors will appreciate the enhancements we added to the ALL-TEST PRO 34™ because it empowers their technicians to efficiently and accurately evaluate motors whether they are in the field or on the shop floor. This helps improve motor reliability, increase technician and asset productivity, and reduce energy consumption.

An Advanced Solution for Testing AC Induction Squirrel-Cage Rotor Motors <1000V

With the ALL-TEST PRO 34™, you can test most types of motors with speed and efficiency — and receive the diagnostic results all on one screen within a few minutes of use. You can also accurately diagnose ground faults, test stator windings, test cables, troubleshoot induction motor abnormalities and more.

Using this testing device, you can detect motor failures before they happen. This product features incredible portability and accuracy, and it works well with motors across all industries. With the ability to detect complete stator and rotor electrical health, you can prevent motor failures before they occur thanks to the induction motor troubleshooting capabilities of the ALL-TEST PRO 34™.

The ALL-TEST PRO 34™’s advanced patented technology is able to detect a wide range of motor faults before they wreak havoc on your operations and cost your company thousands of dollars in lost production time. When it comes to keeping your motors running smoothly and efficiently, you can count on the ALL-TEST PRO 34™.

Uses for the ALL-TEST PRO 34™

The ALL-TEST PRO 34™ can detect early problems occurring in multiple parts of a motor within minutes. This device goes beyond traditional ultrasound, temperature and vibration testing methods to give you a fuller picture of a motor’s health. It will conduct quick assessments of your motor’s electrical health indicators, including windings, cables and insulation.

You can analyze the health of your entire AC induction motor within a few minutes of performing an induction motor troubleshooting scan with our ALL-TEST PRO 34™ — in the shop, on the field or wherever else you need to use it. This product is also extremely portable and easy to operate, and it can assess the health of virtually any squirrel-cage rotor mower <1000V within a 1,000-foot range.

The ALL-TEST PRO 34™ can test AC induction squirrel-cage motors less than 1,000V and account for abnormalities such as open connection, ground faults, internal winding faults, contamination and rotor faults — much more than a regular digital multimeter or megohmmeter can evaluate in a single test. To learn more about what our ALL-TEST PRO 34™ can do for you and your company, reach out to an expert from our team today!

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Patented Dynamic Stator and Rotor Signatures™

Used to evaluate the condition of the stator and squirrel-cage rotor in a single test. Perfect for testing new and repaired motors prior to acceptance.

Patented Test Value Static™ (TVS™)

Test Value Static (TVS) is a sum calculated from the 3-phase MCA static test and is used as a reference value for the motor. Common types of faults in the rotor and stator windings will change TVS.

Finding just one fault using the AT34™ can save your organization countless hours of downtime and provide thousands of dollars in savings. Maximize your investment by:

  • Testing newly installed motors to ensure proper installation and prevent startup failure.
  • Testing motor spares to ensure they are in good condition and ready for service.
  • Troubleshooting motors that have quit running by testing from the MCC or directly at the motor.
  • Implementing it into a PdM testing program to detect developing faults before they cause catastrophic motor system failures. Finding a motor fault before it breaks can save you countless hours of downtime and can provide thousands of dollars in savings.

Tests AC induction, squirrel-cage rotor motors <1000V. The electrical health of all motor components is evaluated, including induction windings and rotor, associated connections and cables.
The electrical health of all motor components is evaluated, including, but not limited to:

  • Induction windings
  • Rotor
  • All associated connections and cables

  • On-screen step-by-step testing instructions
  • Tests take less than 3 minutes
  • Tests can be performed from over 1000′ away
  • Detects faults at the earliest stages before motor failure
  • A timing tone that supports proper rotation speed during deenergized dynamic test
  • Boot loader function facilitates firmware updates at the customer’s site
    *Note: Route feature will only work with Enterprise Software.


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AT34™ Software Options

MCA Basic™ Software

  • Comes standard with the AT34™.
  • Used with 3-phase AC induction squirrel-cage rotor motors <1000V.


Included Accessories

AT34™ Strap Wrench
Strap Wrench
AT34™ Battery Charger
Battery Charger
AT34™ Kelvin-Test-Leads
Kelvin Test Leads Set (including yellow ground lead)
AT34™ Hard Case (holds the instrument, leads, & charger)
Hard Case
AT34™ USB-Cable
USB Cable

Optional Accessories

AT34™ Optional Kelvin Test Lead Set (including yellow ground lead)
Optional Kelvin Test Leads Set (including yellow ground lead)
AT34™ Replacement Battery Pack
Replacement Battery Pack
AT34™ 3 Meter Custom Test Leads Set
3 Meter Custom Test Leads Set (including yellow ground lead)
AT34™ Training Motor
Training Motor
AT34™ Universal Soft Case Clear Face
Universal Soft Case Clear Face