Deenergized Motor Circuit Analysis™ (MCA) Testing Instrument


The ALL-TEST PRO 7™ PROFESSIONAL  and the ALL-TEST PRO 7™ are great alternatives to the ALL-TEST PRO 5™.

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    Instrument Discontinued as of August 31, 2019

    The ALL-TEST PRO 7™ PROFESSIONAL  and the ALL-TEST PRO 7™ are great alternatives to the ALL-TEST PRO 5™ and have had excellent success. 

    Finally, predictive maintenance made VERY easy! Significantly increase your plant’s profitability with the AT5™ motor circuit analysis instrument, which offers a complete electric motor health analysis in minutes.

    ATP-5 case

    Complete Motor Health Assessment

    The electrical health of all motor components is evaluated, including, but not limited to induction windings, rotors, field and rotor coils in synchronous motors, and all associated connections and cables.

    Patented Test Value Static™ (TVS™)

    Test Value Static (TVS) is a sum calculated from the 3-phase MCA static test and is used as a reference value for the motor. Common types of faults in the rotor and stator windings will change TVS.

    Patented Dynamic Stator and Rotor Signatures™

    Used to evaluate the condition of the stator and squirrel-cage rotor in a single test. Perfect for testing new and repaired motors prior to acceptance.


    • Complete stator and rotor analysis that detects early faults in AC/DC motors, transformers, and generators
    • Auto-diagnosis within instrument for an immediate health status report
    • Route-based testing and trending, which is ideal for predictive maintenance
    • Tests that can be performed from distances of more than 1,000 feet away
    • Reports show bad connections, winding & turn faults, air gap, broken bar, contamination and ground faults


    Testing Capabilities

    The ALL-TEST PRO 5™ tests all types of motors, including induction, synchronous, AC, DC, brushless DC, servo and wound rotors, as well as single phase motors.

    With a memory storage capacity for more than 650 tests, the ALL-TEST PRO 5™ has specific motor trending data accessible at the touch of a button that can easily be uploaded to your computer.