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Why Test Motors?

Because Motors Fail

Not all winding faults start as ground faults. Instead, they can start as a weakness in the winding insulation system that may eventually fault to ground when the motor stops running.

Motor testing is integral to the success and efficiency of your business. ALL-TEST Pro instruments ensure that testing your motor is safe, easy, and dependable. Our capabilities for troubleshooting and predictive maintenance are a means of sustaining critical systems and achieving meaningful ROI. Don’t leave motor failure up to chance – reap the cost-saving benefits of complete motor testing.

MCA™ Deenergized Testing

MCA™ is a non-destructive deenergized test method to assess the health of a motor from the Motor Control Center (MCC) or directly at the motor, providing immediate and complete information on the status of the stator, rotor, connections, contamination, and insulation to ground.

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ESA Energized Testing

Electrical Signature Analysis (ESA) is an energized test method where voltage and current waveforms are captured while the motor system is running, providing valuable information for AC induction and DC motors, generators, wound rotor motors, synchronous motors, machine tool motors, and more.

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The ALL-TEST Pro Promise

ALL-TEST Pro delivers on the promise of true predictive maintenance and troubleshooting, with innovative diagnostic tools, software, and support that enable you to keep your business running. We ensure the reliability of motors in the field and help to maximize the productivity of maintenance teams everywhere, backing every ALL-TEST Pro product with unmatched motor testing expertise.

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