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Condition Based Monitoring Reduces Energy Use In Municipal Utility District

Instrumentation led these users to more informed decisions. By Mike Bjorkman, ALL-TEST Pro, LLC & Stephen Hogue, Less Watts Inc.   Unlike residential consumers, industrial and commercial companies pay for the reactive kilovolt-amps (kVA) demand power they use along with the active kilowatt (kW) energy they consume. Each electrical power provider [...]

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Motor Testing: Which Road Will You Take?

Introduction Allison Transmission, General Motors Corporation is the world leader in design, manufacture and sales of commercial-duty automatic transmissions, hybrid propulsion systems, and related parts and services for on-highway trucks, buses, off-highway equipment and military vehicles. Aside from its primary location in Indianapolis, IN, Allison Transmission, part of [...]

ESA Testing with ATPOL II
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Lessons Learned from Modern Motor Testing

Author: Aaron Schnelle, Technical Support, and Richard Scott, General Manager, ALL-TEST Pro, LLC.   The Company During the demonstration of an ALL-TEST PRO 5TM Motor Circuit Analysis instrument (de-energized motor tester) a member of ALL-TEST Pro Technical Support Team tested a 10HP, 4-pole, T-frame motor that had been removed from [...]